3 Must haves for kitchen knives with Chef Dario & Anita - Passion Is Cooking

3 Must haves for kitchen knives with Chef Dario & Anita

3 Must haves for kitchen knives.

Best kitchen purchase you will ever make and lasts a lifetime

by Anita Heidema & Chef Dario Tomaselli Food Life

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So your knives can be that staple in your kitchen for years. If you buy a quality set and take care of them they will last forever.

Whether you are buying for yourself or for friends or family there are some key things to look for in a knife set for your kitchen. Home cooking can be so much more fun if you have the right tools. Here are the tips below and look to the casual video for more information.

1) Quality of metal is very important. You want to have light weight and lasting. Dario is cooking for hours a day as a professional chef and always looks to his top picks for quality in his tool kit.

2) Make sure the grip feels good for you.

For Chef Dario and Anita they both have different preference in grip. Most important is that it is sturdy.

3) If you are just starting out with a new kitchen then start with a few staple good knives.

  • Chef Knife
  • Serrated Knife
  • Pairing Knife

Then for you more experience home cooks you will want to expand your knife sets to include what is best for your style of cooking.

Passion Is Cooking with Zwilling/Henckel knives.

Happy cooking food and cooking lovers out there. J

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