About Chef Dario Tomaselli & Anita Heidema

Passion is Cooking is about bringing couples, friends and family together through food to foster healthy meaningful connection, and reconnection.

World-renowned, multilingual Italian Chef Dario Tomaselli and Anita Heidema Rich Life Strategist & Health Advocate share their lifestyle passion for delicious exciting food, healthy home cooking, sustainable local substitutes & juicing, and the age-old practice of preparing and sharing meals together, with Passion Is Cooking Lifestyle TV, gourmet world foodie International Dinner Club, interactive cooking classes & global retreats, exciting global lifestyle blog, delicious recipes for food and juicing, and their free downloadable menu and grocery planner

Together, they integrate their global culinary techniques, nutrition and mindset adjustments to foster healthier lifestyle eating habits, better relationships and more positive lifestyle choices. Their mantra of ‘cook & eat together to stay together’ is born of a simple mission: to encourage people to go back into the kitchen, connect with food to reignite the experience of sharing a meal, and your time, with one another. 

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Explore our website to see chef Dario and Anita in action and get recipes for meals, juicing, cooking, food & lifestyle tips, International Dinner Club and global food & travel reviews. 

About Dario Tomaselli

Dario Tomaselli is a world-renowned International Chef and Culinary Artist. A scion of a successful hotelier family, Dario’s gastronomic passion began as a young child, age 6, in his Nonna’s kitchen in Italy, where he spent countless hours watching, learning and developing his culinary skills as she created the age-old family recipes that fostered his love of food and the art of meal preparation. His passion was further refined by the family’s chefs, who, amused by his interest, patiently shared their expertise with him. When the time came for him to settle on a career path he decided to stray from his family’s long lineage of Doctors to follow his passion for cooking. He attended Culinary School, E Maggia, in Stresa Italy and then meeting his next mentor, outside his Nonna, Chef Gualtiero Marchesi the founder of modern Italian cuisine.

Working alongside such chefs as, Massimo Bottura on the Pope initiative to feed the planet in Milan and in the global award winning book Bread Is Gold, Pierluigi Bacchetta, and Fred Giradet.  His 39-year career within the culinary world spans across the globe, from Switzerland, France, Spain to Italy, Mexico, South America, Asia and eventually to Toronto, where he opened and became the rising star as head Executive Chef of the award-winning Oro found his individual style—receiving numerous accolades for his creative and critically-acclaimed menus and awarded Top 10 In Canada. His harmony of flavours and panache for food has garnered him the respect and following of world leaders, appreciative patrons and friends around the world. He has helmed the kitchens of many notable restaurants including, Montreaux Palace, Principe di Savoia, Cala di Volpe, Centro, Il Posto, Four Season, Biago. Grand Melia Hotel in Cancun where he was Executive Chef and opened Melia Hotel restaurants in Asia and South America.

Today, you can also find Dario giving back and teaching the next generation of chefs as a Professor in the Culinary Department of Toronto’s George Brown College where he is the International Coordinator of their Post Diploma programs in Italian Cuisine. Dario is a firm believer that food leaves a meaningful impact on our way of life. Reconnecting with local farmers around the world where food and product begin their journey and learning how to respect our cooking creations; not only from a sustainable point but also the connection to family and friends that cooking and food brings: Creating delicious meals feeds the soul. He now takes that message to the masses alongside, Anita Heidema, creating Passion is Cooking, a lifestyle and media brand which encourages couples, families and friends to ‘cook & eat together to stay together’, which sharing favourites recipes and pairings that are simple yet sumptuous.

About Anita Heidema

A successful entrepreneur, Anita Heidema is called a Mindset & Strategy Guru by both Executives and Entrepreneurs, credited with getting them clear on their ‘big dream’, successful business and lifestyle and implementing while facilitating programs providing leadership-focused strategies to help them achieve a rich life and business on their terms.

Her credentials are extensive, including over 30 years of formal study and experience in management for a global $7Billion company, focusing on high-level sales, and business and personal development. A proud life-long student and teacher she has gained much of her formal education at Erickson for Coaching, NLP, Harvard Mentor Business and taught business at Ryerson University in the graphic communications program. Yet, she attributes her most valuable learning from the University of Life which she credits with teaching her the insights and expertise she shares through her Mind Your Business class, Meditations, Rich Life & Business programs, in her best-selling book Vitality Knocks, and on her Ah-Ha Moments for Success Podcast.

Second generation Dutch, Anita is an avid proponent for health awareness, nutritional advocate and juice expert where she pairs juicing for health and taste to all of Passion Is Cooking meal creations. She is also both a mentor and brain & mental health advocate to others after helping her family navigate through her mother’s Lewybody Dementia and President to FHLDF. She also presents seminars on the health and relationship benefits of healthy home cooking, having recently launched the “Cook Together to Stay Together’ Passion Is Cooking Lifestyle TV and Passion Is Cooking a multi-platform, lifestyle, travel, food, cooking media program, with world-renowned Italian Chef Dario Tomaselli.

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We support the Fenna Heidema Lewy Body Foundation and are advocates for the Sustainable Food Movements.

International Dinner Club

Where fun, adventure and your culinary cooking tastes with friends come to life.

The first of every month you will receive a full 5 course menu emailed to you with the Country or Region of the month for you to explore and create with friends.

International Dinner Club

Where fun, adventure and your culinary cooking tastes with friends come to life.

The first of every month you will receive a full 5 course menu emailed to you with the Country or Region of the month for you to explore and create with friends.

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