Join us and earn with the International Dinner Club and sharing what you love.

We are so excited you will be promoting the International Dinner Club. 


Here’s the details: 


Commissions are paid the following 

 Subscriptions – $5/per program /per month as long as they remain a member  

**(Special June & July 2020 @$10) each month if you get 50 new people min you receive $10 per program/per month. Example 50 new sign up for Jun $10X50= $500 payout. July 50 original and 50 new sign up $10X100=$1000 payout. There is no limit to the amount of people in the program. In Sept if you have the 100 people plus another 300 you would get $5X400= $2000 each month.**

  • Individual month program – $10/each 
  • Payments are made via PayPal the following month. 

Please complete the form below to sign up. You’ll receive an email with your personal link to use in promoting the International Dinner Club. 

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