Best International Food Chef Cooking Recipes with Chef Dario & Anita

International Dinner Club & fun recipes for countries around the world adventures with friends.

by Anita Heidema & Dario Tomaselli

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Nothing is more exciting then tasty food and being with friends to share it with.

Italian born Chef Dario Tomaselli & Anita Heidema have travelled the world creating many dishes and juice pairings with all their adventures. The flavours and experience are just so vast and beautiful that they want to share.

As Dario is the experienced chef that has worked over the world for 40 years and has seen many flavour infusions that have worked and ones that haven’t. Many traditional dishes that are left good as traditional dishes and other we added a healthy twist to the dish or use product from various regions to promote local food sustainability.

When you look at our recipes for food & juicing it is always good to look at what products you have locally that you can use to make it your own special creation. Supporting your local farmers and company is always key for those products in your area.

For our International Dinner Club we have 5 course menus on the country of the month that have been created by Chef Dario around the world. We have added a twist and added some local suppliers to our area for the dishes. These are recipes you make at home and create with friends every month and perfect for you to add your own twist and send to us for us to share.(#picdin). This is a global program and as we get more submissions from all over the world it will be a resource for you for products in your area.

For recipes with our International Dinner Club you would go to PassionIsCooking/picdin

For recipes on all meals a & juice pairings PassionIsCooking/recipes

Here is our Thai Chicken recipe for you to try that is delicious for you adventurous foodies.

Happy cooking everyone and as always……

“Cook & Eat Together To Stay Together”

Explore your Passion for Life

Anita & Dario


Chef Dario Tomaselli and Rich Life Strategist Anita Heidema share a common goal.

To live the rest of their days passionately in all ways important to them and you.

Follow their journey and learn more…..



Passion Is Cooking Lifestyle TV 

Our International Dinner Club is for you travel gourmet food, wine, juicing lovers. Sign up and you get to experience a different country gourmet package of recipes and tips every month sent to your inbox to create with your friends. Your own dinner club with close friends to share and take out the guess work.

Open yourself up to new experience and fun.

Great for reconnecting with friends on a regular bases or as a pre travel adventure.

Explore your passion for life

Chef Dario Tomaselli and Rich Life Strategist Anita Heidema share a common goal. To live the rest of their days passionately in all ways important to them.

Follow their journey and learn more…..

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