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Hire us to speak at your event:

  • Topic – Italian Food & Culture In Today Society
  • Topic – Cook & Eat Together To Stay Together- Reconnect passion for food & lifestyle.
  • Topic – Juice & Meal Pairing For Health & Flavour
  • Topic – Fridge Feasts – Sustainable Cooking Based on Our Fridge Feasts Series
  • Topic – Living A Mediterranean Lifestyle (Not A Diet)

Hire us to cook at your event:

  • Master Class – Italian, International, Custom Cuisine
  • Interactive Class – Italian, International, Custom Cuisine
  • Team Building Corporate Workshop:
    • 1. The PowerBowl Team fun dynamic workshop. Usually conference style in personal workshop
    • 2. Fridge Feasts – Sustainable Cooking for your team. Online experience to have with your clients, team, and suppliers to help connect through food and sustainable cooking ideas.
    • 3. Cook-A-Vision– Online cooking events to connect your team for your next meeting or holiday event for your “vision”.
  • Hire us to be spokesperson for product or brand (review required).
  • Hire us to consult.
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