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Importance of Cooking and Eating Together

Anita and Dario cooking and eating together to have a lot fun with each other

Cooking and eating together is what we say and what we do! It has uncountable benefits to your general well-being. It helps you to pay more attention to details. It’s an important part of life, family union and many other things.

Furthermore, it is an essential part of the Mediterranean lifestyle we follow here at Passion Is Cooking. Continue reading to find out why it’s so important to cook and eat together to strengthen your relationship with your loved ones.

Cooking together helps you bond with family, couple and coworkers

Food and cooking connects. That’s why it is one of the reasons it is an important part of the Mediterranean lifestyle. Cooking together as a family (or with friends) will make you spend a good quality time together, engaging and connecting.

This activity is perfect to share with the person you’re with. You can talk about your day while sharing a meal and eating together as a family.

This doesn’t only apply to family or friends; it can also help you connect with your coworkers as a team building activity! Since cooking requires you to communicate with the other person, it’s a great way to get your teams to bond or break the ice if they don’t know each other very well or want to get to know them better. Companies we have worked with have found this incredibly helpful, especially when you consider many teams and companies right now function through remote work and many of them don’t know one another and more productive when you bond as a team.

Health benefits

Cooking your own meals will help you to stay healthy and, most importantly, in a fun way. When you cook your food, you know what ingredients and what amounts you’re adding. Also, you get to decide if want to use your favourite ingredients or substitute the ones you’re not a fan of.

This can be really beneficial for your overall health because having the right diet and nutrition is a fundamental part of it.

Cooking and eating together in a healthy way is really important, that's why vegetables are so important to your diet

Cooking and eating together is good for you children

Teaching your child how to cook and the process of it from an early age is really beneficial for them. Doing this will definitely help them to become more independent adults in the future and be more conscious of their own nutrition and health. Not to mention, they will develop attention to detail by following the steps of a recipe.

Of course, they should start doing tasks they can manage easily. But even by just observing they can learn a great deal.

On the other hand, cooking with your children will also help them to appreciate the meals they eat, because they see the process of it and understand it takes effort to make them. They will be more conscious and thankful.

Start cooking with your family, friends and loved ones to take advantage of these wonderful benefits for your health. Need some ideas to move forward? We have a bi-weekly newsletter, What’s Stirring, where we offer you tips to live the Mediterranean Lifestyle from anywhere along with new recipes, chef tips and regular updates on some of our top products.

Don’t miss this great opportunity to improve your health and happiness.

Join us in our journey.

“Cook & Eat together to stay together is what we say and do”

We love to share with you and hope that you will share us too!

Chef Dario and Anita

Dario Anita playful fun kitchen, Passion Is CookingChef Dario Tomaselli and Rich Life & Health Strategist Anita Heidema share a common goal.

To live passionately in all ways important.

Food is a conduit to your relationships, health, travel and so delicious.

Follow our journey with our What’s Stirring foodies and learn more…..

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