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Do you miss travelling and exploring new places and foods?

Are you feeling restricted and confined 24/7?

Looking for a fun and safe way to connect with your friends and family with a special event?

 Why not join the International Dinner Club Membership and experience travel, culture and mouth-watering foods in the comfort of your own home and/or virtually with your friends?

The International Dinner Club is a monthly subscription for food & travel lovers. 
Each subscription provides our members with the recipes, information, facts for a different county every month to enjoy and an inspirational community. 
Create a custom 5-course meal of the country of the month with wine and juice pairings to share with friends, family, special event or create a foodie friend group.
Creamy Pumpkin Cavatelli

“A tavola non si invecchia mai”
At the table you never grow old

When you join the International Dinner Club you receive a themed dinner-party pack each month featuring a different country. BONUS: you also automatically become a member of our Food Life club and gain access to exclusive offers on products and learning. You will also receive exclusive discounts and priority to our annual culinary retreats.

Anita-Dario- International Dinner Club

“No endless hours of searching online for recipes to make for a large-group dinner. The package you receive is easy with exciting new recipes each month you share with your foodie group. It’s so much fun to make the food and use with the drink pairing and travel info to chat about.” ~Maria & Joe

“We have so much fun doing the International Dinner Club with our friends every month and it keeps us consistent for getting together. We always look forward to the next one.” ~Heather

“During COVID19 we were still able to keep the group going via zoom. The recipes could be adjusted to who was in the house and we had online dinner parties with those who couldn’t be with us in person. Creative experience”
~Sam & Lisa

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Why Join?

“The IDC will re-ignite your excitement for creative potential in your kitchen, your relationships, your travel plans and your life. Culinary recipes prepared by World-Renowned Chef Dario Tomaselli and Rich-Life Strategist Anita Heidema.”

The International Dinner Club is a monthly or single-purchase program that creates an easy and customized experience for you to duplicate in your home.

  • Hosting a dinner party is easy without being time-consuming.
  • Menus every month so you can plan with consistency.
  • Hours of searching recipes and preparing all the dishes can be daunting.
  • Share in the work and cook together in a fun way with other members.
  • Create a memorable, fun, and enjoyable experience for everyone.
  • Your chance to reconnect with friends, family, and your passion for cooking from the safety of your own home while exploring food and travel.
  • Whet your appetite, expand your culinary comfort zone, and renew your appreciation for the time-honoured practice of preparing and sharing meals together.
  • A step-by-step guide to hosting a dinner party with an international flare, your focus can be on what matters most: celebrating with your friends and creating precious memories.
  • Receive an exclusive, one-of-a-kind menu with five incredible courses.
  • Enjoy the experience curated from different regions or countries all around the world.
  • With suggested wine or fresh juice pairings and topics of conversation from the selected country or region, you and your guests will be able to focus on the passion of cooking, learning, relationships, travel, and lifestyle.

How It Works

International Dinner Club is a truly unique experience.

Each month, a custom menu for a five-course cdinner is delivered to your inbox focusing on a specific region or country in the world.

Along with the custom menu, members will receive suggestions for wine & juice pairings and exciting fun facts about that months’ selected region or country.

All that’s left to do is invite friends (either in-person or virtually), and cook up your masterpiece. Gather around the table (or computer) for food, friends, fun, and great conversation.

  • On the 1st of every month, you will receive a five-course custom menu inspired by a fascinating country or region along with wine pairings and facts about the selected region.
  • Pick a recurring monthly date for your International Dinner Club gathering and invite your friends to join in the cooking!
  • Assign parts of the five-course custom recipe to individuals or couples in the group. Each duo shops for and prepares one course (or brings the ingredients to all share in the cooking at the gathering).
  • Pour the wine and enjoy the culinary adventure of the day. Our chef-designed menus are easy-to-follow and will have you impressing yourself with your own cooking!
  • Take pictures and don’t forget to share on Instagram and Facebook for a chance to win monthly prizes. Make sure to include the hashtag #PICDIN.
  • Join our private Facebook group to share and learn dietary substitutions that have worked in the past. Fun cooking community.

Individual Country Experience (button for each bottom of page) $49.97

Meet Chef Dario & Anita

We found a second change for love with eachother through food. We share with you the importance we found when you cook and eat together. We started with a romantic dinner Dario prepared for Anita that we ended up cooking and eating together and the rest is history. Passion Is Cooking started in a castle in Italy when we realized the importance of food, cooking and a rich life…. Yes we are a couple 🙂

Food, cooking and travel has connected us and we love to share with the International Dinner Club… Chef Dario & Anita

How to Order

Subscribe now and receive your monthly themed dinner via email inspired by the following countries:

 October 2020 – Mexico     November 2020 – Italy     December 2020- France

January 2021- Spain      February 2021 – Peru       March 2021 – Japan     April 2021- Portugal      

May 2021 – Holland      June 2021 – Italy2

July 2021 – Canada    August  2021- Greece     September 2021 – Mexico     October 2021 – Italy3   

 November 2021 – Argentina     December 2021- Germany

Check out this month’s destination in the International Dinner Club: Mexico!

OR Choose your favourite country and purchase the package individually delivered via email. Click the link below to order your individual country. Price: $49.97.

We encourage the Mediterranean Lifestyle (not just a diet) in all we do. So, we have offered our International Dinner Club as a Mediterranean Bundle. The Mediterranean Bundle includes France, Italy and Spain.


This year we decided to get together with friends more. We started at our house first and then worked down the group, so it was easy. The subscription is making sure we make the time and book in advance, so we don’t cancel and get back to those bad habits. Also try different food we might not have tried. First it was a bit intimidating as we don’t cook much but then once we started will always do and love it. Incredible experience. We are going to Spain next month and get to have a mini trip before we go.


There are so many options with the International Dinner Club. The recipes are so unique and delicious. The wine and juice (yes juice) pairing are bang on. We travel, eat and cook a lot and really enjoy the community and fun we have with our group of 10 people we call “The Travelling Foodies” woohoo. We are planning our next trip to Italy and join Chef Dario & Anita in Tuscany and meet them live.

Tom & Linda

The International Dinner Club is so much fun. Our friends get together every month and look forward to it. The IDC makes it easy with recipes and always learn new things on the country of the month. We set the table for the theme all fancy and enjoy each other as couples.

Sarah & Mike Fullerton

Recipes are easy to make and adds excitement once a month to our family meals. Like experience a county in our home and so delicious. We don’t get to travel much and our way to get a travel experience.
Randy & Fam-jam

We are major food, drink and travel lovers and started our little group last year. We have so much fun and it is so easy and delicious” -John & Lisa

dinner party guests

We are excited you have joined us. If you have any questions please contact us at 

If you would like to be a affiliate for the IDC and share our message you can join here.

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