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Virtual Corporate Events Benefits

Chef Dario and Anita cooking happily to show their expertise in food,cooking classes and virtual corporate events

Virtual corporate events are new ways to bond as a team right now. Especially considering how hard your team worked this year. We all navigated working from home and new communication styles.

We know hard work deserves a reward and a great way to do it is with a team bonding experience. This will increase productivity and boost morale. Plus it’s inclusive, fun and you can do it from a virtual setting. We want to invite you to participate with your team in our virtual corporate event Cook-a-vision.

Benefits of Virtual Team Bonding Corporate Events

Virtual corporate events while COVID

Companies throughout the world have been forced to adapt to this new “normality” to keep functioning. Teams who were used to working in the same office building had to get used to working remotely and still manage communications.

Common moments when teams got an opportunity to share and connect are now difficult to have. Even if you’ve come back to the office, which produces a lot of problems. Workers tend to experience burnout, their stress levels go up and their productivity levels lower. So now more than ever these team bonding experiences are necessary.

However, we know that team building and bonding experience with staff working remotely can be tough.

An alarming fact is that even before COVID 63% of North Americans spent more money on medicine than food. And 87% are saying they connect less every year. That’s crazy considering how eating healthy and connecting with people around you can prevent you from getting sick most of the time!

Passion Is Cooking and Cook-a-Vision is the answer for your team if you’re looking for a digital fun, healthy and tasty team bonding experience. Plus, it’s just as fun (if not better) than a physical experience.

New plan if you’re bored of regular corporate events

We are all used to the normal events that are done every year like “secret Santa” at Christmas or drinks and dinner staff parties. They can be a little monotonous sometimes because that’s what we do year after year. However, Cook-a-Vision provides you something unique for your team. Something outside the normal plans!

It’s the perfect creative team building experience designed to help your team think outside the box. It helps to boost confidence levels and team comradery, without physically being together.

Executives and workers in a corporate cooking class to show that our virtual corporate events are the best option

Increased productivity

In general, team bonding experiences through corporate events are necessary for several reasons. One of them is that this is a way to build morale within your company so your employees are productive and happy.

You have to create spaces where your staff can take their mind of things and have fun together to build their trust and motivation. Because that creates an enthusiastic and positive workplace that’s fun to work in. This type of thing encourages the team to communicate with one another and work together.

Did you know that poor collaboration and inefficient work practices have reduced productivity time by 5% to 8% for most organizations during these times? That’s right! Harvard Business Review stated in a research paper that “In highly productive organizations, employees have capitalized on new technologies to stay connected with customers and coworkers during this time. We estimate that the best organizations have seen productive time increase by 5% or more”.

And that’s because those companies know that connecting with your coworkers is essential to increase productivity levels.

For that reason, Cook-a-vision is the best virtual corporate event for your team. It provides a fun team-bonding/ team-building experience. Thus, it allows your staff to learn fundamental skills such as organization, thinking on the spot, and creative development.

On the other hand, it also helps with mental health, confidence levels, and respect within the team. And it’s well-proven that cooking is a great and creative way to boost your mental health. Just like Bustle expresses: “Cooking helps mental health in that it can be a creative outlet. It’s a way to channel energy, you can use it as a distraction. It helps to build mastery in a skill, and it’s a way to express emotions through a different medium.”

Virtual corporate events to bond from the comfort of your home

Now that you know corporate events are great ways to get your team to bond, you just have to plan one. We know not every company can organize a staff party. Especially when many right now work remotely and have team members all around the country. We have just the opportunity for you. Cook-a-Vision by Passion is Cooking.

With Cook-a-Vision you can unite your whole team no matter where they are. All they need to do is buy groceries, grab the virtual meeting link, pour a glass of wine or your favourite beverage, and start cooking with our trained chef and business strategist. Connect remotely. Cook together.

It’s a great plan for extroverts who want to socialize (but can’t do it in person right now). And also for introverts who always feel like holiday parties are overwhelming. Anyone can join!

More Cost Effective

Right now companies are a little tight on the budget because of the losses they experienced during Covid. However, cutting out bonding experiences isn’t an option if you want a more productive and friendlier workplace. That’s why virtual corporate events like a Cook-a-Vision can really help!

Cook-a-Vision is much more cost-effective than an in-person staff party so the company will benefit by saving money and giving its employees the gift of connection. Something especially needed during COVID season.

So, what are you waiting for? Enroll your team now in our private group cooking event with Chef Dario & Anita. The Package includes your choice of 2 meals. You get to make easy recipes that we send ahead of time. Enjoy team bonding activities to connect online and get to know each other better through food, drink, and travel.

Plus, we will record the class and sent it to you afterward!

Join us now with your team in the fun Mediterranean Cook-A-Vision unique even!

“Cook & Eat together to stay together is what we say and do”

We love to share with you and hope that you will share us too!

Chef Dario and Anita

Dario Anita playful fun kitchen, Passion Is CookingChef Dario Tomaselli and Rich Life & Health Strategist Anita Heidema share a common goal.

To live passionately in all ways important.

Food is a conduit to your relationships, health, travel and so delicious.

Follow our journey with our What’s Stirring foodies and learn more…..

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